Dairy Farmers Prioritize Keeping Cows Cool During Hot Summer Months

Cool cows are comfortable cows, which is why throughout the United States dairy farmers work hard to make sure their cows stay comfortable all year round.

Since summers in Hanford, Calif., often creep past 100 degrees, dairy farmer Brian Medeiros has continued to explore ways to help his cows stay cool.

Medeiros’s barns already featured fans and misting water jets, but recently he added new technology to find out what more he could do. Using infrared cameras, Medeiros found that some cows would get really hot during the day, while others would stay comparatively cool.

Cow Nutrition: What Do Cows Eat?

March is Nutrition Month, a great time to not only brush up on what’s best for you and your family, but also to better understand all that dairy farmers do to take great care of their cows on a daily basis – a commitment dairy farmers have embraced for generations.

“From my grandfather milking cows when I was a little boy to now, we take the quality of milk that we sell very seriously and the health of our cows as well,” said Ted Vander Schaaf of Vander Schaaf Farms in Kuna, Idaho.

Cow Comfort Comes First in Dairy Barns

Across the country, people envision farms based on what they may see driving a country road or traveling the interstate. In fact, barns come in all shapes and sizes – from little, red barns to big, open barns. But, farmers decide on barn styles for different reasons.

On Jessica Folkema’s dairy in Michigan, freestall barns work well for their cows. These barns, which are long rectangular shapes with open sides, provide plenty of space for cows to move around, or lie down and relax in sand bed stalls.