Drinking a glass of cold milk, eating a scoop of ice cream or cup of yogurt is a easy choice when looking for a healthy and savory treat! Moms and dads should rest easy knowing that dairy products are both safe and wholesome. Like us humans, dairy cows do get sick. When this happens, she is treated with veterinary care. Her milk does NOT go on to the grocery store until her treatment is completed and her milk has been tested multiple times and cleared of all medications.

June Dairy Month is a great time to highlight boths farmers and cows. Without the dedication of farmers providing around the clock care to their cows, we would not be able to enjoy tasty treats like pizza, ice cream, yogurt and cheese!

This June Dairy Month, we celebrate the Dairy Dream Team. This Farm Team is made up of farmers, veterinarians, hoof trimmers and nutritionist working together to keep cows healthy, comfortable and happy.


Dairy farmers and farm families work around the clock, 365 days a year caring for their cows.


Farmers work closely with their veterinarian to give individualized care for each cow to keep them happy and healthy.


Cows on dairy farms enjoy a specialized diet created by their own personal nutritionists. Animal nutritionists use precise numbers and calculations to formulate the perfect dairy cow diet.