The National Dairy FARM Animal Care Program standards are formally revised every three years through a strenuous, year-long process to ensure that program standards are relevant and use the most current science and best management practices within the dairy industry.

The FARM Animal Care Program standards are developed with the full supply chain in mind. During the standards review process, four key dairy stakeholder groups help to shape and approve each new iteration of the FARM Animal Care Program.

Standards, rationale and accountability measures are reviewed and revised by the FARM Animal Care Task Force and National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) Animal Health & Well-Being Committee with input from industry stakeholder groups including farmers, animal scientists and veterinarians. The NMPF Board of Directors provides final approval on version standards.

The Farmer Advisory Council is made up of dedicated dairy farmers who provide guidance and input for consideration in FARM’s ongoing and future development. Members work to champion FARM within other organizations, communities and throughout the industry.

The Animal Care Task Force comprises dairy farmers, the Farmer Advisory Council chairperson and vice chairperson, animal welfare scientists, veterinarians, and cooperative and processor staff members. The Animal Care Task Force reviews the latest research and aggregated FARM Animal Care Program data and provides recommendations to the NMPF Animal Health & Well-Being Committee and NMPF Board of Directors.

Members of the Animal Health & Well-Being Committee are appointed by National Milk Producers Federation member cooperatives. The committee coordinates NMPF’s participation in animal health contingencies, including development of animal health research priorities, and provides oversight for the FARM Animal Care Program.

The NMPF Board of Directors, made up of representatives from all NMPF member cooperatives, votes on the final standards and recommendations set forth by the Animal Health and Well-Being Committee.