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FARM Statement on Fair Oaks Farms

Jun 06, 2019

“The National Dairy Farmers Assuring Responsible Management (FARM) Program has established a rigorous framework of best practices to ensure the proper treatment of dairy animals. The program – created by veterinarians, animal welfare experts and farmers – does not condone dairy cattle mistreatment.

“Our initial audit of Fair Oaks Farms found the company’s training program met or exceeded requirements of the FARM animal care program. It included suggestions on additional employee shadowing to help ensure training compliance. We are conducting a follow-up audit of the farm to further review Fair Oaks Farms animal-care practices and supplement our initial audit.

“FARM remains vigilant in ensuring best practices for animal care. FARM applauds Fair Oaks Farms for proactively addressing the mistreatment that occurred. The program will continue to work with Fair Oaks to ensure full implementation of all corrective actions.”

PDF: FARM Statement ARM Fair Oaks