Apply to Recertify as a Animal Care Evaluator or Trainer

    **Evaluator Trainers are certified to complete FARM Animal Care Version 4.0 evaluations and conduct trainings for animal care evaluators
    *Your shadow evaluation must be completed before your annual recertification.

    Below are the 2020 Evaluator and Evaluator Trainer course dates. Please rank the training location you would prefer to attend (1 being most preferred; 4 being least preferred).

    Note: Each training session is limited to 15 Trainers and 15 Evaluators.

    Application must be submitted at a minimum of one month before your evaluator training. If your scheduled training date is closer than one month for the day or submission, you will need to move your training date. You will not be allowed access to the evaluator training without passing the initial phone interview.

    Do not submit this application without previously identifying a trainer. If you are in need of a trainer, please contact

    My trainer will be: