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Merck Animal Health’s Dairy Care365® is designed to complement and help fulfill the animal care requirements of the National Dairy FARM™ Program by providing training resources needed to optimize the health and well-being of animals each day, every day.

Create an account and log into our learning environment to access a library of video lessons, quiz questions and standard operating procedures (SOPs). Participants earn a certificate upon the completion of each module.Materials are mobile-friendly, available in English and Spanish and cover a wide range of topics including animal handling, calf care, emergency care and biosecurity.

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Not sure if Dairy Care365 is right for you? Watch a short video to preview a training module. “Newborn Care and Handling” teaches best practices in caring for the youngest members of the herd.

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For more information about Dairy Care365, visit DairyCare365.com or email DairyCare365@merck.com.

Animal Care Webinar Series

Merck Animal Health partnered with the National Dairy FARM Program to develop the following pre-recorded webinars featuring industry experts on a variety of dairy animal care topics.

Dairy Stockmanship

Ben Bartlett, DVM, outlines the best practices for handling and moving cattle.

Calf Care

Liz Cox, DVM, MS, provides protocols for newborns and milk-fed calf management.

Euthanasia Guidelines

Jan Shearer, DVM, MS, DACAW, discusses the euthanasia decision-making process and selection considerations.

Building Strong Herd Health Programs

Scott Nordstrom, DVM, provides guidelines for developing a written herd health plan.

Dairy Cattle Marketing

Lowell Midla, VMD, MS, outlines protocols for selling and transporting dairy cattle.

Pain Management

Hans Coetzee, BVSC, PHD, DACVCP, DACAW, DECAWSEL, outlines management tools to effectively manage pain.

Record Keeping and Drug Residue Prevention

Norman Stewart, DVM, MS, discusses the responsible use of animal medicine, residue avoidance and the importance of record keeping.