FARM Animal Care Version 4

Raising the bar for the entire dairy industry by establishing dairy animal welfare management guidelines.

Animal Care Task Force

Ensuring that the FARM Animal Care Program evolves with the latest research and fosters a culture of continuous improvement.

Animal Care Evaluators

Providing expert on-farm assessments to identify strengths and detail improvements, if necessary.

FARM Animal Care Participants

Dedicated to the highest standards of animal care.

Task Force Reports

Analyzing research and data to accurately represent the dairy industry.

Provide Feedback for your Animal Care Evaluation

Committed to excellent animal care

The FARM Animal Care Program helps to demonstrate dairy farmers’ commitment to providing excellent care of their dairy cattle and producing safe, wholesome milk.

The FARM Animal Care Program:

  • Details animal care guidelines using the latest research and best management practices in the National Dairy FARM Animal Care Reference Manual
  • Implements on-farm evaluations by trained evaluators who help identify strengths and outline improvements for dairy farms
  • Ensures integrity of the program through third-party verification

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Science-based animal care standards

We know U.S. dairy farmers take excellent care of their animals. On-farm evaluations and verification helps to demonstrate the dairy industry’s commitment to animal care to our customers and consumers.

The FARM Animal Care Program develops animal care standards that are science- and outcomes-based and facility- and size-neutral.

Every three years, dairy industry experts revise the FARM Animal Care Program standards. Experts include dairy farmers, animal scientists, veterinarians and milk cooperatives and processors who rely on the latest dairy research to inform necessary revisions.

MORE THAN 99% of the U.S. milk supply comes from farms participating in the FARM Animal Care Program.

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