Participating in FARM Animal Care

The first step is enrolling in the FARM Animal Care Program, the cornerstone of FARM and the umbrella program for our other FARM silos: Environmental Stewardship, Antibiotic Stewardship and Workforce Development.

To enroll your organization in FARM Animal Care and/or Environmental Stewardship, please email Please see below for more information regarding program participation.


Individual farms are welcome to participate in any component of the FARM Program. Those who wish to participate in the FARM Animal Care Program, must complete a participation form agreeing to meet all program standards through contracting with a trained second-party evaluator to facilitate the program. To enroll in the program and to find an evaluator in your area, please email us at

Milk Marketers & Cooperatives

Dairy cooperatives, marketers and processors enroll in the FARM Animal Care Program on behalf of their members and those who ship milk to them. By annually committing to participation, FARM Animal Care participants are guaranteeing that they will facilitate the FARM Animal Care Program to meet program standards and maintain a trained second-party party evaluator on staff. Participating in the FARM Animal Care Program provides the insurance and proof points to dairy customer and consumers that dairy producers are producing a product to be proud of.

Dairy Customers & Brands

Customers have the opportunity with the FARM Program to stand proudly behind the products they market and sell. The FARM Program prides itself on serving as a dairy customer resource for social responsibility and sustainability-related topics. If your company has questions about how to share their own FARM Program story, please contact the FARM program.