Workforce Development Version 2 Evaluation Preparation Guide
2024-2025 Milk & Dairy Beef Drug Residue Prevention Manual
Needlestick Prevention Resources
DairyKind Training Modules: Tail Handling
DairyKind Training Modules: Lameness
DairyKind Training Modules: Cow Transport
DairyKind Training Modules: Stockmanship 1 & 2
DairyKind Training Modules: Cow Trainers
DairyKind Training Modules: Maternity
DairyKind Training Modules: Special Needs (Nonambulatory) Cow Care
DairyKind Training Modules: Euthanasia
DairyKind Training Modules: Calf Transport
DairyKind Training Modules: Calf Weaning
DairyKind Training Modules: Newborn Calf Care
DairyKind Training Modules: Well-Being of Dairy Cattle
FARM ES Version 2 Evaluator Pocket Guide
Animal Care Evaluation Preparation Guide Version 5
Mooving Cows™ Interactive Game
Firearm Euthanasia Best Management Practices Webinar
State Officials: Reviewing Enhanced Biosecurity Plans in the FARM Database
Using the FARM Database – Enhanced Biosecurity
Enhanced Biosecurity Database User Guide
Enhanced Biosecurity Prep. Guide
SMS Enhanced Biosecurity Premises Map Checklist
Managing Heat Stress from an Animal Welfare Perspective – YouTube Video
Article: Proper Care for Non-ambulatory Dairy Animals
Article: Colostrum is critical after calving
The power of management focused on calf welfare with Dr. Emily Miller-Cushon
OTC to Prescription One Pager
Alltech Milking Routine Video
Idaho Dairymen’s Association Worker Training and Safety Videos
Dairy Premises Identification FAQ
Everyday Biosecurity: Step 3 – Everyday Biosecurity Plan Template
Everyday Biosecurity: Step 2 – Self-Assessment Checklist
Everyday Biosecurity: Step 1 – Movement Risks and Biosecurity
2022 Year in Review
5 Simple Rules for Moving Cattle Poster
Calf Care & Quality Assurance (CCQA) Reference Manual Version 1
Dehorning Guidelines
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2015 Year in Review
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2022 – 2023 Milk & Dairy Beef Drug Residue Prevention Manual
5 Keys to Healthy, Productive Fresh Cows Article
Agriculture Human Resources Management Articles
Agriculture Supervisory Leadership Certificate
Agriculture Workforce Development Program
AgSafe Business Services and Resources
All Dehorning Should Include Pain Control Article
Alltech FARM Employee Management Series
Animal Care Evaluation Preparation Guide Version 4
Animal Care Reference Manual Version 4
Animal Care Reference Manual Version 4 – Print Friendly
Animal Handling Poster
Animal Movement Log
Antibiotic Resistance and Dairy Producers – New Laws and New Opportunities Video Series
Antibiotics and Vaccines – Cornell ProDairy Spanish Webinar
Attending a FARM Animal Care Program Evaluator/Trainer Training Course Checklist
Best Management Practices for Automatic Alley Scraper Systems
Best On-Farm Fix – Modified Bucket for Moving Down Cows Article
Best Practices in the Milking Parlor Sign
Best Practices to Stay Healthy On-Farm Video
Biosecurity Poster – Protect Your Dairy Cows
Biosecurity Practices for Dairy Operations
Biosecurity Resources for Dairy Producers – Secure Milk Supply
Biosecurity Sign – Biosecure Entry Ahead
Biosecurity Sign – Clean Boots & Clothing Required
Biosecurity Sign – Cross Only at Biosecure Entry Point
Biosecurity Sign – Milk Collection Occurring
Biosecurity Sign – Milk House Cleaning & Disinfection
Biosecurity Sign – Wear Personal Protective Equipment
Cable Alley Scrapers and Cross Gutter Cleaner Guide
Calf Feeding Equipment Sanitation Protocol Poster
Calf Nutrition Webinar
Calf Scours Susceptibility Poster
Castration Guidelines
Cattle Care Software
Cattle Routes of Exposure and Disease Examples
Colostrum Management Video
Completing a FARM Animal Care Evaluation with PC Dart Guide
Comprehensive Emergency Action Plan Guidance
Considerations when Transporting Dairy Animals
Considering Human and Animal Safety – Dairy Safety Training
Continuing Education Record – Immediate Family
Continuing Education Training Log – Animal Care
Core Principals of Pre-Weaned Calf Care – Colostrum and Calories Article
Cow Care Agreement – Immediate Family
CowSignals – Advisor Program
CowSignals – Course
CowSignals – DrytoFresh Course
CowSignals – Free Course Introduction
CowSignals – HoofSignals Course
CowSignals – Señales de la vaca Spanish Course
CowSignals – Stressfree Stockmanship Course
CowSignals – YoungstockSignals Course
Cultivate Educational Platform
Cultivate Safety Website
Dairy AdvanCE® Platform
Dairy Animal Handling Training Guides 5-Part Video Series and Quizzes
Dairy Biosecurity and Your Bottom Line – CDQAP Ruminations Blog
Dairy Cattle Care Ethics Agreement & Training
Dairy Cattle Care Ethics Agreement
Dairy Cattle Care Training Activity Attendance
Dairy Cattle Care Training Agreement
Dairy Cattle Care Training Log – Individual Employee
Dairy Euthanasia: Making Timely Decisions Training Tool
Dairy Farm Employee Attraction and Retention Guide
Dairy Farm Employee Management and Training
Dairy Farm Employee University
Dairy Farm Human Resources Webinars
Dairy Farm Job Description Examples
Dairy Farm Job Descriptions: The Building Blocks of Organizations
Dairy Farm Labor Management Articles
Dairy Farm Safety and Health Resources
Dairy Farm Safety Training Program and Guide
Dairy Life-Cycle Assessment Research Paper
Dairy Operations Inputs/Outputs Worksheet Contingency Plans For Movements
Dairy Safety Training Video Series
Dairy Stockmanship Video Series – How Do Cows Perceive Their World
Dairy Stockmanship Video Series – Natural Behavior in Cattle
Dairy Stockmanship Video Series – Quiz Key
Dairy Stockmanship Video Series – Quiz Questions
Dairy Stockmanship Video Series – Understanding the Flight Zone
Dairy Stockmanship Video Series – Understanding the Point of Balance in Dairy Cattle
Dairy Stockmanship Video Series – Using Pressure and Release When Moving Dairy Cattle
Dairy Stockmanship Video Series – Using the Senses in Handling Cattle
Dairy Stockmanship | 5-Part Video Series
Dairy Stockmanship – K’iche’
Bilingual Curriculum for Dairy Worker Safety Training
Dairy Worker Safety Training Guides and Courses
Dairy Worker Safety Training Videos
Determining if an Animal is Fit to Transport Article
Disbudding Calves Video
Disbudding Guide
Drug Treatment Records Veterinarian Review Form
Emergency Contacts Magnet
Emergency Contacts Poster
Employee Break Relief Schedule
Employee Compensation Change Form
Employee Emergency Contact Form
Employee Handbook Guide for Small Businesses
Employee Handbook Sample
Employee Safety Incident Reporting
Employee Training Log
End of Life Decision-Making – Fitness to Transport Video
Environmental Stewardship Continuous Improvement Reference Manual
Environmental Stewardship Data Collection Sheet Version 2
Environmental Stewardship Evaluation Preparation Guide Version 2
Environmental Stewardship Fact Sheet Version 2
Environmental Stewardship Peer-Reviewed Model Paper
Environmental Stewardship Program Scientific Background
Environmental Stewardship Sampling Protocol – Overview
Environmental Stewardship Sampling Protocol – Spreadsheet
Environmental Stewardship Sampling Protocol – Talking Points
Environmental Stewardship Sampling Protocol – Using the Spreadsheet
Environmental Stewardship User Guide Version 2
Establishing and Maintaining the Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship (VCPR) in Bovine Practice Guidelines
Establishing and Maintaining the Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship in Bovine Practice
Euthanasia Decision Tree Poster – Dairy Calf
Euthanasia Decision Tree Poster – Dairy Cattle
Euthanasia Methods and Risks – What Every Producer Needs to Know Article
Evaluation Tool Version 1.0 Fact Sheet
Everyday Biosecurity Manual Version 1
Farm Labor Guide
FARM Program Brand Standards
Farm Safety Check
Farm Safety Checklist
Farm Safety Education Posters
Farm Safety Training Materials
Farm Safety Video Series
Foot and Mouth Disase (FMD) Progression of Lesions in Cattle Sign
Foot and Mouth Disase (FMD) See Something, Say Something Sign
Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) Overview Handout
Footbath Protocols for Success and Simplicity Article
Foreign Animal Disease Biosecurity Tips for Dairy Producers
Get It Right – Treat, Cull or Euthanize Article
GHG Fact Sheet Series – Energy Use Emissions
GHG Fact Sheet Series – Enteric Emissions
GHG Fact Sheet Series – Feed Production Emissions
GHG Fact Sheet Series – Introduction to Greenhouse Gases
Group Training Attendance Form
Group Training Record
Guide to Human Resources Management for Farm Business
Handling Calves Webinar
Handling Cattle In Alleys, Holding Areas And Milk Parlors Video
Harvest and Storage of Colostrum Video
Harvust Human Resource Software
Hearing Loss Prevention on the Farm
Heat and Cold Stress in Newborn Calves Video
Help Teach Workers to Evaluate Herd Health Article
Herd Health Plan Protocol Template – Biosecurity
Herd Health Plan Protocol Template – Branding
Herd Health Plan Protocol Template – Castration
Herd Health Plan Protocol Template – Disease & Illness Treatment
Herd Health Plan Protocol Template – Euthanasia
Herd Health Plan Protocol Template – Fitness to Transport
Herd Health Plan Protocol Template – Fly Control
Herd Health Plan Protocol Template – Lameness Prevention & Treatment
Herd Health Plan Protocol Template – Medical Procedure
Herd Health Plan Protocol Template – Milking Procedure
Herd Health Plan Protocol Template – Non-Ambulatory Cows
Herd Health Plan Protocol Template – Parasite Control
Herd Health Plan Protocol Template – Pest Control
Herd Health Plan Protocol Template – Pre-Weaned Calves
Herd Health Plan Protocol Template – Supernumerary Teat Removal
Herd Health Plan Protocol Template – Vaccinations
Herd Health Plan Veterinarian Review Form
Hiring Tips for Dairy Farms Factsheet
Housing Cleaning Schedule
Housing Emergency Contacts
Housing Inspection List
Housing Orientation Checklist
Housing Repair – Journal System
Housing Repair – Ticket Form
How Does the Welfare of People Affect the Welfare of Animals? Webinar
How to Transition Away from Tail Docking
Human Resources Issues for Farm and Ranch Video Series
Human Resources Sample Policies and Procedures
Human Resources Templates – Spanish
Humane Euthanasia of Cattle Guidelines
Impacts of Heat Stress Throughout the Lactation Cycle Webinar
Individual Cow Care Agreement
International Travel Biosecurity Tips – Best Practices for Dairy Producers
Interview Questionnaire Form
Job Application Form – Employer Comments
Job Application Form – Long
Job Application Form – Short
Job Description Worksheet
Key Elements For Implementing Antimicrobial Stewardship Plans in Bovine Veterinary Practices Working with Beef and Dairy Operations
Lameness in Dairy Cows Webinar
Legal Fact Sheets
Let’s Leave Painful Dehorning in the Past Article
Low-Stress Calf Handling – Flight Zone Video
Managing Employee Housing Guide
Maternity Management Practices in Dairy Farms Video Series
Milk and Dairy Beef Drug Residue Prevention Certificate and Generator
Milk Quality Dairy Management Webinars | Part 1/2 | Culturing and Types of Mastitis
Milk Quality Dairy Management Webinars | Part 2/2 | Treatment Decisions Based on Mastitis Type
Milker Training and Education Courses and Quizzes Program to Improve Practices that Affect Milk Quality
Moving Cows and Cow Behavior Webinar
National Children’s Center for Rural and Agricultural Health and Safety
Nationwide Labor Survey Report
Needle Safety Poster
New Hire Checklist
Newborn Calf Care – Using the Esophageal Tube Feeder Video
Newborn Calf Handling Video
Newborn Calf Processing Video
OSHA LEP Guidance for New York Dairy Farms
OSHA LEP Guidance for Wisconsin Dairy Farms
OSHA LEP Training Binder
PC Dart
People Entry Log
People, Vehicles and Equipment Videos and Tips
Performance Evaluation Form
Point of Balance in Newborn Calves Video
PRO-DAIRY Program Business Resources
Progressive Disciplinary Action Form
Proper Calf Handling Poster
Proper Care for Non-Ambulatory Cows Poster
Proper Euthanasia Practices Article
Proper Management of Non-Ambulatory Animals Article
Proper Milking Routine Demonstration Video
Recognizing Heat Stress in Dairy Cows Sign
Recommended Colostrum Feeding Techniques Video
Recommended or Approved Drug List Form
Resources for Protecting Young Agricultural Workers
Safer Farm
Safety Checklist for Dairy Farmers
Scope 3 Reporting Using FARM Environmental Stewardship Program
See it? Stop it! Flyer
See It? Stop It! Poster
Ship Them or Not? Key Decision Points for Non-Ambulatory Cattle Article
Silage Safety Resources
Spring Dairy Series – Understanding Inflammation & Immunity to Improve Transition Management Webinar
Stages of Parturition Poster
Steps to Hosting FARM Animal Care Evaluator Training
Stockmanship Training with Curt Pate – It’s All about Pressure Article
Tailgate Safety Trainings for Agriculture
Tailgate Talks Kit for Dairy Farms
Taking Care of the Ups And Downs Article
Temperature and Humidity Index Chart
The Impacts of Stress on Dairy Cattle Health and Performance Webinar
The Movement of Cows to and From the Parlor Webinar
The Who, When, What and How for Handling a Down Cow Article
The “Good Health Records” Program
Topic Brief – Artificial Insemination
Topic Brief – Disbudding
Topic Brief – Polled Genetics
Train Trac
Transportation and Fitness-To-Travel Recommendations for Cattle Guide
Treatment Record – Daily For Multiple Animals
Treatment Record – Individual Animal
Treatment Records – Fact Sheet
Understanding Dairy Stockmanship
Update and Review Your Vaccination Protocols Article
Using Pain Mitigation When Disbudding Article
Using Tools To Move Animals
Using Tools to Move Animals Video
Vaccination Protocols and Immune Status of Dairy Herds Article
Vehicle/Equipment Entry and Delivery Log
Veterinarian Review Annual Sign-Off Form
Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship (VCPR) Form
Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) Information Sheet
Western Center for Agriculture Health and Safety Training and Outreach
What is FARM Environmental Stewardship Program?
When and How to Euthanize Calves Article
Workforce Development Evaluation Preparation Guide Version 1
Workforce Development Human Resources Reference Manual
Workforce Development Human Resources Self-Assessment
Workforce Development Safety Reference Manual
Workforce Development Safety Self-Assessment
Youth Farm Safety Project
¡Basta! Worksite Training & Continuing Toolkit