Animal Care Evaluators

FARM Evaluators

FARM Animal Care Evaluators are certified individuals who conduct second-party evaluations on behalf of FARM Animal Care participants. Certified individuals can be full-time, part-time or contractors through FARM Animal Care Program participants. Evaluators work alongside dairy producers to identify strengths and outline areas for improvement related to animal care.

To be qualified to complete Evaluator or Trainer training, trainees must meet the prerequisites detailed below in addition to completing and passing certification on an annual basis.

Scheduled trainings are listed below and on the Events page.

For FARM Animal Care Version 5.0, to be qualified to conduct evaluation or administer evaluator training, applicants must:

  1. Meet the prerequisites detailed below
  2. Apply at the link below
  3. Complete and pass in-person certification
  4. Calibrate annually

Please note: FARM does not employ evaluators. Individuals who wish to become certified evaluators should first secure employment or a contract with a FARM program participant.

Animal Care Evaluator Expectations

  • Follow all safety guidelines and use proper biosecurity protocols set forth by the FARM Animal Care Program, as well as the individual farmer
  • Maintain and safeguard the confidentiality of the dairy facility’s information
  • Properly communicate evaluation expectations to farmers
  • Assist the dairy facility in completing any corrective action plans
  • Coordinate scheduling between farmer and third-party verifier
  • Evaluators should attend third-party verifications if possible
  • Be polite and courteous
  • Follow up and resolve necessary action plans created during Third-Party Verification

Animal Care Evaluator Training

  • Experience
    • Evaluators must have at least a combination of five years of education and/or on-dairy farm industry experience. Education experience can include animal science, dairy science or other relevant curriculum. Credentials must be verified through a resume, CV, summary of experience or similar document with three dairy farm or industry references reviewed and approved by FARM staff
  • Individuals must be able to perform basic email, internet, and mobile tablet and computer functions.
  • Individuals must be capable of easily communicating with FARM Program staff on a regular basis via email and/or phone.
  • Evaluators must implement the program with the highest level of integrity.
  • Physical Requirements:
    • Sit, stand, and bend
    • Verbally communicate; and hear.
    • Walk and stand for up to 8 hours per day
    • May occasionally lift and/or move up to 10 pounds.
    • Specific vision abilities required by this job include close vision and the ability to adjust focus.

Applicants who meet prerequisites must apply for approval to train.

Have you ever completed a FARM Version 4.0 Training?

If you are recertifying, you don’t need to complete an application. Contact your trainer or email for assistance.

I have never completed Animal Care V4.0 Training

Complete the application for first-time applicants

When completing the application, applicants must include the name and email of their Evaluator Trainer or note they are participating in a FARM-led training. If you need help locating a trainer, please use our map of independent evaluators and trainers or email for assistance.

Before approval to complete an Animal Care Evaluator training, all first-time version 4 or later Evaluator applicants must complete a phone interview conducted by FARM staff. FARM staff will utilize this rubric to complete the interview. Once an application has been approved, FARM will reach out to applicants to schedule a phone interview.

Certification will be based on an assessment of:

  1. Performance on pre-training work
  2. Completion of in-classroom/virtual training
  3. Completion of on-farm practicum
  4. Completion of database practicum
  5. Performance on training tests
  6. Approval by FARM Program staff


Evaluators are required to attend a two-day initial training hosted by FARM. At the completion of the training, Evaluators must pass a written multiple choice exam. View the FARM events calendar for upcoming training dates.

Evaluators must re-certify on an annual basis in-person or via live webinar conducted by a FARM- Evaluator Trainer or at a FARM-hosted training.



Evaluators must complete and pass annual recertification courses after completing an initial training in the current version of FARM. Recertifying Evaluators must submit a shortened application but are not required to re-interview to be eligible to retrain.


Evaluator are required to attend a recertification course annually (every 365 days) and pass a written multiple choice exam. This training can be conducted in-person or virtually live hosted by FARM or a certified Evaluator Trainer. At the completion of the training, Evaluators must pass a written multiple choice exam.  View the FARM events calendar for upcoming training dates.

Steps for Recertification

Animal Care Trainers complete training enrollment through the FARM Database on behalf of Evaluators. If you need assistance in connecting with an Animal Care Trainer, please email

Shadow Evaluations

All Second-Party Evaluators will be expected to complete 3 full shadows (1 with a Trainer and 2 peer-to-peer) before the end of the Version 5 program cycle (July 1, 2027). Trainers will be able to conduct shadows. FARM will facilitate connecting Evaluators with Trainers but will not be involved in any financial transactions.

Animal Care Evaluator FAQ


The FARM Program will identify which prerequisite the applicant fails to meet. When the applicant has met the prerequisites, they may reapply using the Evaluator/Evaluator Trainer application.

The FARM Program will allow another interview conducted by a FARM Animal Care Task Force member. If the interviewee does not meet the expectations in the follow-up interview, they must wait three months to reinterview with the FARM Program. While waiting, the applicant should continue studying the FARM Program website and related resources.

Trainees may retake the certification exam and observation quiz one time. Testing is proctored by a certified Evaluator Trainer. If the trainee fails to achieve a cumulative score of 80% after two attempts, they must reattend an in-person training.

Trainees may retake the certification exam and observation quiz one time. Testing is proctored by a certified Evaluator Trainer. If the trainee fails to achieve a cumulative score of 80% after two attempts, they must reattend an in-person training.


If an Evaluator forgets their password, they should select the “Forgot your password?” link under the log-in button. After resetting your password, you will receive an email with instructions for creating a new password. Please email if you do not receive this email.

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