FARM Animal Care Version 3.0

Creating a culture of continuous improvement on today’s dairy farms

Minimum Animal Care Requirements for Participation

A valid Veterinary-Client-Patient Relationship: The farm owner/manager and the Veterinarian of Record (VOR) needs to have a completed and signed Veterinarian-Client Patient Relationship form on an annual basis.

A signed Dairy Cattle Care Ethics Form and training documentation for all employees with animal care responsibilities: All employees with animal care responsibilities must complete basic stockmanship training and sign a Dairy Cattle Care Ethics Agreement on an annual basis. Additionally, employees must be trained on their area of animal care responsibilities and have the training documented (example: a calf feeder needs to be trained in proper calf feeding, handling and other care expectations). Read more about employee training and training resources.

Tail docking is not permitted on any cow born on or after January 1, 2017.

What happens if these standards are not met?
If any of these areas are considered unsatisfactorily met on the farm when evaluated, a Mandatory Corrective Action Plan is triggered. Areas of concern must be resolved and verified by a follow-up evaluation within 12 months. If not, the farm will risk probation and eventual suspension from the FARM Animal Care Program.

FARM Animal Care Reference Manual

The FARM Animal Care Reference Manual details best practices that farmers must follow for every cow and calf on the farm.

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