The FARM Biosecurity—Enhanced program aligns with the Secure Milk Supply (SMS) Plan for Continuity of Business to provide dairy farmers with the tools needed to develop an enhanced biosecurity plan (EBP). These resources include:

  • An online database to securely store producers’ EBPs. The database also gives producers the option to share a completed copy of their SMS EBP with state officials for review;
  • An engaging, online training that guides learners through developing EBPs using real-life dairy farms and interactive experiences, all at no cost;
  • A tutorial video on how to efficiently use the FARM Database—Enhanced Biosecurity;
    A tutorial video for State Animal Health Officials reviewing Enhanced Biosecurity Plans in the FARM Database—Enhanced Biosecurity; and
  • FARM Biosecurity—Enhanced resources, including a Prep Guide for developing an EBP, a User Guide for the FARM Database—Enhanced Biosecurity, and the SMS Enhanced Biosecurity Premises Map checklist.

Stronger, or enhanced, levels of biosecurity will be needed to protect cattle against the highly contagious FMD found in two-thirds of the world. One FMD case in the U.S. could shut down movement of cattle and their products across the nation for at least the first 72 hours. The Secure Milk Supply Plan for Continuity of Business was developed to help the dairy industry prepare for this situation. The SMS Plan provides enhanced biosecurity guidance for producers to voluntarily prepare before an outbreak. This is the basis of the FARM Database—Enhanced Biosecurity. Creating a dairy-specific plan and putting it in place will be needed in an FMD outbreak to prevent exposure.

SMS Enhanced Biosecurity Premises Map Checklist
Enhanced Biosecurity Prep. Guide
Enhanced Biosecurity Database User Guide

How to use the FARM Database for Enhanced Biosecurity Plans

Using the FARM Database – Enhanced Biosecurity

This 14-minute video tutorial highlights key features of the FARM Biosecurity database to create Secure Milk Supply Enhanced Biosecurity Plans. Combined with the FARM Biosecurity Database User Guide, viewers will learn how to efficiently enter information into the online tool and voluntarily share with State Officials for review. The FARM Biosecurity – Enhanced: Prep Guide has details to help prepare for farm visits and biosecurity plan writing.

State Officials: Reviewing Enhanced Biosecurity Plans in the FARM Database

This 9-minute video tutorial guides State Officials through the process of reviewing Secure Milk Supply Enhanced Biosecurity Plans in the FARM Database from notification via email through acceptance. Only Plans that are voluntarily shared by producers will be available for review.