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Animal Observation Illustrated Scoring Guide – English


The FARM Animal Care Program consists of standards related to animal observations, related benchmarks for farms to achieve and additional best management practices that demonstrate excellence in animal care. This guide shows a details view of each animal observation score illustration individually with the ability to view all scores side-by-side when evaluating thee animal observations, showing what a FARM Program evaluator is looking for in dairy cattle. Use this guide to compare against live animals and determine their score.
Topics include:
  1. Cow Anatomy
  2. Hygiene Scoring
  3. Cow Body Condition Scoring
  4. Calf Body Condition Scoring
  5. Locomotion Scoring
  6. Hock Scoring
  7. Knee Scoring
  8. Broken Tail Scoring
Size: 8.5×11×0.125”
Weight: 0.5 oz
Page count: 36 pages