The prevention and treatment of lameness is a key component to cattle well-being.  This module covers the importance, expectations and method for foot care on your dairy.

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About DairyKind Courses:
DairyKind is a third party system for farms to train and monitor animal well-being practices to provide accountability and transparency through verification to the consumer. The DairyKind seal provides confidence to the consumer that the dairy products they purchase are produced by farms that prioritize animal well-being.

DairyKind provides web-based training modules that are easily accessible via computer, tablet or smart phone, which are available in English and Spanish. The full list of courses currently offered by DairyKind, including courses that count toward FARM Animal Care Continuing Education requirements* are:

  • Well-Being of Dairy Cattle*
  • Biosecurity for Service Providers
  • Biosecurity for Animal Handlers
  • Stockmanship*
  • Hospital Management
  • Special Needs Cow Care*
  • Euthanasia*
  • Breeding
  • Tail Handling
  • Newborn Calf Care*
  • Calf Weaning
  • Calf Transportation
  • Cow Transportation*
  • Lameness Management
  • Maternity Management
  • Milking Technician
  • Dry Off Procedures
  • Milk Sampling

* Courses that satisfy FARM Animal Care Program Continuing Education requirements.