Steve Maddox

Farmer | California Dairies Inc.

Steve Maddox is an owner of Ruann and Maddox Dairy in California with a combined her of 4,500 cows. He is a third-generation dairy farmer with a pedigree ranking him and his dairy operation as one of the best of the best. An unselfish leader, Maddox had dedicated many years serving the dairy industry he loves while building a strong family business.

Steve’s commitment to dairying extends beyond his own dairy operation and into other sectors of the dairy industry. He was a member of the initial board of directors for California Dairies, Inc., to which both RuAnn and Maddox Dairies continue to ship milk, and he served as board secretary for 10 years.

He also assisted in establishing DairyAmerica Inc., a producer-owned dairy cooperative in the U.S., formed to supply quality dairy ingredients both nationally and internationally. During his time with the National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF), Cooperatives Working Together (CWT) was created. In addition, he plays integral parts in the Dairy Sustainability Alliance, National Dairy Council and Dairy Management Inc.