Biosecurity Educational Resources

General Biosecurity Resources

Iowa State Center for Food Security and Public Health Dairy Biosecurity

Iowa State Center for Food Security and Public Health
Resources for dairy biosecurity

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Secure Milk Supply Biosecurity Resources for Dairy Producers

Secure Milk Supply

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Dairy Cow Biosecurity

Healthy Farms, Healthy Agriculture
Provides overview of dairy cow biosecurity

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Protect your Dairy Cows

Iowa State Center for Food Security and Public Health
Infographic on why to protect your cows from disease through biosecurity

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CDQAP Ruminations: Dairy Biosecurity and your Bottom Line

California Dairy Research Foundation
Provides overview of biosecurity, what should be in a biosecurity plan, and how biosecurity impacts your farm in terms of economics

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International Travel Resources

International Travel Biosecurity Tips- Best Practices for Producers

California Department of Food and Agriculture
Provides biosecurity tips for traveling internationally or having international visitors

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Biosecurity Management Practices Resources

People, Vehicles and Equipment

Farm Biosecurity
Describes steps that can be taken to protect against the spread of disease for people, vehicles and equipment

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Foreign Animal Disease Biosecurity

California Dairy Department of Food and Agriculture
Provides a list of tips to prevent foreign animal disease introduction and spread

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Biosecurity Practices for Dairy Operations

Texas A&M Agrilife Extension
Lists general management and vaccination practices that producers can use to protect their herds from disease

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