Part 1

PCDART and Your FARM Program Evaluation

Part 2

FARM Program 4.0 – Determining Chores

Part 3

FARM Program Version 4.0 – Setting Up Chores

Part 4

FARM Program Version 4.0 – Setting Up Protocols

Part 5

FARM Program 4.0–Enrolling Cows on Protocols

Part 6

FARM Program 4.0 – Entering Chores Done

Part 7

FARM Program 4.0 – Auto-Enroll

Part 8

FARM Program 4.0 – Exception to Auto-Enroll

PC Dart

Get cutting-edge tools to enhance management decisions and save time:

  • Genomic data merged with performance data
  • Money Corrected Milk values
  • Trackers (Activity, Heifer, Maternity, Conception, Inventory) to identify trends and track performance
  • Comprehensive Interfaces for Robotic, Automatic Milk Recording (AMR) and Heat Monitoring Systems (HMS)
  • Timed AI System
  • Protocols and Chores
  • Semen Inventory
  • Sexed Semen Analysis
  • Sync data with PocketDairy for mobile management anytime, anywhere
  • Different versions for ProducersConsultants and Heifer Growers