2022 FARM Year in Review

Animal Care Evaluation Preparation Guide – English

Animal Care Reference Manual – English

Calf Care & Quality Assurance (CCQA) Animal Care Reference Manual – English

Dairy Calf Euthanasia Decision Trees Poster – English and Spanish

Dairy Cattle Euthanasia Decision Tree Poster – English and Spanish

Environmental Stewardship Evaluation Preparation Guide – English

Environmental Stewardship Evaluator Pocket Guide

Environmental Stewardship User Guide – English

Everyday Biosecurity Reference Manual – English

Milk & Dairy Beef Drug Residue Prevention Manual – English

Milk & Dairy Beef Drug Residue Prevention Pocket Guide – English

Proper Calf Handling Poster – English and Spanish

See It? Stop It! Poster – English and Spanish

Workforce Development Evaluation Preparation Guide – English

Workforce Development Human Resources Reference Manual – English

Workforce Development Safety Addendum (TWO CHAPTERS ONLY) – English

Workforce Development Safety Reference Manual + Addendum – English

Environmental Stewardship Continuous Improvement Reference Manual – English

Proper Care for Non-Ambulatory Cows Poster – English and Spanish

Considerations When Transporting Dairy Animals Poster – English and Spanish

Emergency Contact Magnet – English

Emergency Contact Poster – English and Spanish