Kayla Rink

Kayla is the manager of dairy science and farm practices at Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) and oversees implementation of their internal evaluation program Gold Standard, alongside the FARM Program. She is service-driven and committed to promoting best practices in animal and farm worker care.

Prior to joining DFA, Kayla gained extensive production agriculture experience by working on numerous dairies and ranches located in the United States and abroad. She received her B.S in Animal Science and Agricultural Literacy from Colorado State University, and M.S shortly after focusing her research on perceptions of the National Dairy FARM Program. Findings from Kayla’s research helped initiate additional farmer input in the program, development of the Farmer Advisory Council, and emphasize the importance of the Program to the dairy industry.

Kayla is a PAACO certified dairy auditor and a certified FARM Program evaluator/trainer. She leads farm practices training efforts across DFA and serves as a resource to staff and members. In her spare time, Kayla enjoys playing ice hockey and spending time outdoors with her family.