Industry Event: I-29 Moo University webinar on dairy pest control

The I-29 Moo University 2024 Dairy Webinar Series continues Wednesday, April 17 from 12 noon to 1 p.m. CST. The webinar will feature a discussion on fly control with Dr. Phillip Jardon.

Discussion will cover the four main flies that are considered pests on dairies – house flies, stable flies, horn flies, and face flies.

“These flies all have some things in common but there are big differences in where they reproduce and where they eat that guide the control methods used for each,” according to Fred Hall, dairy specialist with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach. “Join us to learn how we can use facts about flies to limit their populations.”

Dr. Jardon graduated from the Iowa State College of Veterinary Medicine. He completed his Master of Preventive Veterinary Medicine (MPVM) and Dairy Production Medicine Residency at UC-Davis.

Jardon has been in private practice and industry for 35 years with particular interest in transition cow diseases – a passion he has had since working on milk fever on his parent’s dairy for his seventh-grade science fair project. Dr. Jardon worked as a Dairy Technical Consultant with Elanco Animal Health in California for the last eleven years and is currently a Dairy Extension Veterinarian at ISU.

There is no fee to participate in the webinar; however, registration is required at least one hour before the webinar. Register online at

For more information, contact: in Iowa, Fred M. Hall, 712-737-4230; in Minnesota, Jim Salfer, 320-203-6093; or in South Dakota, Patricia Villamediana, 605-688-4116.

Industry Event: Practical Strategies for Successful Social Housing of Dairy Calves (DCWC Webinar)

The one-hour, live online educational sessions hosted by the Dairy Cattle Welfare Council (DCWC) are available to attendees around the world. These live webinars are free of charge for all, but you must register to attend. Recordings are available to active members of the DCWC (closed captioning available in Spanish, French, and more).

Webinar: Let’s put our heads together: Practical Strategies for Successful Social Housing of Dairy Calves

In the United States and elsewhere, the industry standard practice is individual housing of dairy heifer calves. However, scientific evidence has been building on a range of potential benefits for social housing – that is, raising calves in pairs or groups. Interest in social housing is growing, and according to the 2023 DCWC survey, the top-ranked webinar topic related to dairy calves was individual versus social calf housing strategies. Drs. Van Os and Cantor will jointly present an interactive webinar session in which we will briefly review the literature on the welfare and developmental outcomes of social versus individual calf housing. Then, we will discuss common challenges to practical implementation of pair or group housing, as well as potential solutions. Participants will engage with case study examples to evaluate farms’ readiness to adapt social housing and review management strategies for successful calf health and behavioral outcomes.

By: Dr. Jennifer Van Os – University of Wisconsin-Madison
Facilitator Co-Speaker: Dr. Melissa Cantor – Pennsylvania State University


Note: This “Industry Event” is not hosted by the National Dairy FARM Program and inclusion on this events calendar does not necessarily mean the event has an official FARM Program endorsement.



Industry Event: Hands-on Dairy Animal Care Training

The Cornell Cooperative Extension is hosting regional animal care trainings March 11-22. Trainings will feature stations with mostly hands-on activities and demonstrations. The course will be offered in both English and Spanish. Registration is $15 and includes lunch. See the workshop event flyer for the various regional locations and dates. 


Who should attend 

  • Dairy farm owners or managers that want to learn more about the FARM Animal Care Program and receive continuing education credits. 
  • Dairy farm workers with animal care responsibilities that want to learn more, gain hands-on experience, and receive continuing education credits. 


Topics covered 

  • FARM Animal Care Program Version 5.0 updates
  • Physical exam and non-ambulatory cow management
  • Dairy stockmanship (heifers)
  • Pre-weaned calf care
  • Euthanasia
  • Fitness for transport

Firearm Euthanasia Best Management Practices Webinar

Join the National Dairy FARM Program at 12 p.m. ET Wednesday, Dec. 13 to discuss Firearm Euthanasia Best Management Practices. Valerie Smith, DVM and Ronnie Mosby will discuss American Association of Bovine Practitioners guidelines around firearm euthanasia including effective protocols. Additionally, the one-hour session will cover firearm basics such as ammunition and weapon types, safety and maintenance.

Industry Event: Agricultural Safety Conference

Fox Valley Technical College’s Agricultural Safety Conference will be held in-person at the Appleton Campus (1825 N. Bluemound Drive Appleton, WI 54912) on December 6, 2023. Visit their website for more information and to register.

Note: This event is not hosted by the National Dairy FARM Program and inclusion on this events calendar is not an official FARM Program endorsement.