2024 Joint Annual Meeting

Join FARM in Phoenix for the 2024 Joint Annual Meeting of the National Dairy Promotion and Research Board (NDB), National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) and United Dairy Industry Association (UDIA) taking place October 20-23.

This year’s annual meeting theme, “Making Every Drop Count — Reimagining Dairy’s Future,” is not just a phrase but a call to action. It’s an invitation for farmer leaders, promotion and cooperative organizations, food industry leaders, and other stakeholders to come together and shape the future of our industry and farmer-led organizations.

American Association of Bovine Practitioners: 57th Annual Conference- Challenging the Norm

The 2024 AABP Program Committee welcomes you to the 57th Annual Conference of the American Association of Bovine Practitioners, September 12-14, 2024 in Columbus, Ohio. This is an outstanding opportunity to participate in one of the most comprehensive scientific programs ever assembled on cattle disease and production. The meeting theme of “Challenging the Norm” will assist bovine practitioners balance scientific knowledge with implementation in the field.

Registrants can attend scientific sessions, the trade show, events, have the ability to interact with the presenters using the Slido app, and access to the live and silent auctions. It does not include preconference seminars, clinical forums or ticketed events.

2024 World Dairy Expo

World Dairy Expo is home to a world-class dairy cattle show that features the best cattle in North America. Known for its iconic colored shavings and elegant Showring display, Expo’s Dairy Cattle Show had 1,804 owners exhibiting 2,597 head of cattle from 36 U.S. states and 5 Canadian Provinces in 2023.

World Dairy Expo’s award-winning Trade Show is an opportunity for producers to see cutting-edge technology and the latest dairy equipment. As the global dairy industry meets in Madison, leading researchers, technical experts and national sales representatives from around the world can be found at WDE.

With over 50 seminars, sessions, and industry-hosted events scheduled throughout the week, World Dairy Expo is the place to get-in-the-know about a variety of things happening in the global dairy industry. Visit with peers while learning from fellow producers and industry experts about different ways to make your operation more profitable.

Protecting Your Profits webinar- FARM Program Overview & Version 5.0 Updates

The Center for Dairy Excellence hosts a monthly “Protecting Your Profits” webinar, this month’s webinar is titled “FARM Program: Overview & Version 5.0 Updates.” Beverly Hampton Phifer, Senior Director of Animal Care from the National Dairy FARM Program, will share an overview of the National FARM Program and explain why FARM was created for dairy farmers by dairy farmers. In addition to discussing Version 5.0 updates, Hampton Phifer will also share how adhering to FARM guidelines can effectively mitigate risk for dairy producers.

To join the discussion in a format that is most convenient for you, the Center will host it in a webinar, podcast, and conference call format. There is no cost to participate in the ‘Protecting Your Profits’ discussion, and no registration is necessary.

Industry Event: ISU Extension and Outreach- Mitigating Heat Stress for Employees on the Dairy Farm

The Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Dairy Team is hosting a webinar at 1 p.m. ET June 19 to focus on mitigating heat stress for employees on the dairy farm.

Cody Volkmann will discuss how dairy producers can mitigate heat stress for their employees. He will define heat stress, how it is measured, and offer techniques to prevent heat stress.

Cody Volkmann is a Certified Safety Professional with 13 years of safety and health experience. He grew up on a family farm in northwest Iowa and received his B.S. from Iowa State University in Agriculture Systems Technology and Industrial Systems Technology and a Master of Business Administration. After graduation from ISU, he worked for an industrial service company providing services to ethanol, biodiesel, grain handling and other industrial facilities. He is currently an Occupational Safety Specialist with the College of Engineering and Environmental Health and Safety Department at ISU.

The Dairy Farmer’s Guide to Navigating Stress and Mental Health Challenges

Join NMPF’s National Young Cooperators Program and the National Dairy FARM Program for a joint webinar addressing mental health in agriculture. The hour-long session will cover practical strategies for managing stress, offering actionable techniques tailored to the unique demands of dairy farming. Available resources and support will also be highlighted.


This session is open to dairy farmers, including FARM Program participants, cooperative staff, associate members affiliated with NMPF, and other individuals interested in the topic. NMPF reserves the right to prioritize participation for members and FARM Program participants.

Industry Event: Dairy Cattle Welfare Council Webinar – Lameness Prevention and Management to Improve Welfare

Join the Dairy Cattle Welfare Council for an informative and interactive town-hall webinar focused on advancing dairy cow welfare through lameness prevention and management strategies. Led by renowned expert Dr. Jan Shearer from Iowa State University, this session promises invaluable insights into optimizing cow health and comfort within your dairy operation.

Throughout the webinar, participants will delve into the multifaceted aspects of dairy cow lameness, exploring its causes, impacts, and practical solutions. Dr. Shearer’s wealth of experience and expertise in this field will guide discussions on proactive measures to prevent lameness, ranging from proper hoof care protocols to facility design considerations.

Participants will have the opportunity to engage directly with Dr. Shearer during a dedicated Q&A session, where they can seek advice and clarification on specific challenges encountered in their dairy operations.

Whether you’re a dairy producer, farm manager, veterinarian, or industry professional, this webinar offers invaluable insights and practical strategies to enhance dairy cow welfare, optimize herd productivity, and promote sustainable farming practices. Don’t miss this opportunity to join Dr. Shearer and fellow stakeholders in advancing the well-being of dairy cows through proactive lameness prevention and management.

Register here: https://fass-org.zoom.us/webinar/register/7417147494519/WN_KMfznrG9QlaNhltdwJhBiQ#/registration



Note: This “Industry Event” is not hosted by the National Dairy FARM Program and inclusion on this events calendar does not necessarily mean the event has an official FARM Program endorsement.

Industry Event: PDP 2024 Hoof Management Workshop

The 2024 PDP Hoof Health Workshop is heading to Waunakee, Wisconsin on June 20. The hands-on workshop will begin at 9:30 a.m. and conclude at 3:30 p.m., with the host dairy serving as an interactive case study. Take the next step in hoof health management with a workshop designed for your management team in mind: your hoof trimmer, herdsperson, veterinarian and nutritionist need to attend.

Simultaneously translated into Spanish, the program will kick off with a general session covering the fundamentals of stockmanship. In breakout sessions, participants will separate into three smaller groups as each presenter leads an interactive discussion regarding a core concept essential to hoof health. Before the program wraps up, all attendees will gather once again for idea sharing and highlighting conversations that came up during the breakouts.