FARM Animal Care Task Force

The FARM Animal Care Task Force is made up of dairy farmers, veterinarians, animal scientists and other industry representatives.

Karen Jordan, DVM
Farmer | DFA (Chairwoman)
Josh White
National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA)
Marcia Endres, Ph.D.
University of Minnesota
Antone Mickelson
Director of Farm Practices (Northwest Dairy Association)
Cassandra Tucker, Ph.D.
University of California-Davis
Fred Gingrich, DVM
American Association of Bovine Practitoners
Richard Doak, DVM
Advaca LLC and Mid-Maryland Dairy Veterinarians
Brandon Treichler, DVM
Quality Control Veterinarian (Select Milk Producers)
Kris Scheider
Farmer | Foremost Farms (Farmer Advisory Council Vice Chair)
Steve Maddox
Farmer | California Dairies Inc.
Nathan Chittenden
Farmer | Agrimark (Farmer Advisory Council Chair)
Cricket Jacquier
Farmer | Agrimark (NMPF Executive Committee)
Mike Machado
Milk Procurement/Dairy Sustainability Specialist (Glanbia)
Pat Gorden, DVM
Director, Food Supply Veterinary Medicine, Iowa State University
Kate Lott, DVM
Director of Farm Engagement, Tillamook
Jennifer Van Os, PhD
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Emily Miller-Cushon, PhD
University of Florida
Kayla Rink
Dairy Science and Farm Practices (DFA)
Kristy Miron
Land O'Lakes, Inc.