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Animal Care

Animal Handling

5 Simple Rules for Moving Cattle Poster

5 Reglas Simples para Mover Ganado

Reference this poster for an easy guide on how to move cattle, topics include flight zone, pace, keeping a routine, removing obstacles and gently guiding cows.

Alltech On-Farm Support

Handling Cattle In Alleys, Holding Areas And Milk Parlors Video

Manejando el Ganado en Corredores, Áreas de Espera y Salas de Ordeño

Gentle, low stress handling will result in maximum productivity and minimum injuries when maneuvering cattle. Handlers should ensure a quiet, tranquil, stress-free environment where cattle are not overcrowded. Watch this video to learn low stress ways to move cattle while in alleys, holding areas and milking parlors.

FARM Program

Low-Stress Calf Handling - Flight Zone Video

Manejo de terneros con bajo nivel de estrés: Video sobre zona de fuga

Use this video to help yourself and your employees understand why being aware of an animal's flight zone is so important.

University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Moving Cows and Cow Behavior Webinar

Manejo y Comportamiento de Vacas

This 36-minute Spanish webinar shares on-farm knowledge and experience in moving and working with cows, based on dairy cattle natural behavior.

Cornell Pro-Dairy Program

The Movement of Cows to and From the Parlor Webinar

El Movimiento de Vacas Hacia y Desde la Parla

This 28-minute Spanish webinar will focus on moving cows for milking, topics include vocabulary, milk letdown, adrenalin, moving cows calmly, the holding area, after milking and more.

Cornell Pro-Dairy Program

Animal Care

Calf Disbudding

Dehorning Guidelines

These two-page guidelines from AABP assist the veterinarian with enhancing the welfare of cattle on the clients’ farms by providing information on how best to approach dehorning and castration of calves on beef and dairy farms.

American Association of Bovine Practitioners (AABP)

Disbudding Calves Video

Watch this 6-minute step-by-step video for guidance on disbudding calves using pain management.

FARM Program

Disbudding Guide

This resource will walk you through when to disbud your dairy calves, what tools are required and the steps involved in a successful disbudding event.

University of Guelf

Animal Care

Calf Handling

Proper Calf Handling Poster

Poster del Manejo Apropiado de Becerros

Display this poster to get quick tips for proper calf handling techniques.

FARM Program

Animal Care

Calf Health

Calf Scours Susceptibility Poster

Susceptibilidad de Diarrea en los Terneros

View this chart to see calf scour susceptibility by age and pathogens. This poster is bilingual with English and Spanish text.

Alltech On-Farm Support

Animal Care

Calf Management

Calf Feeding Equipment Sanitation Protocol Poster

Protocolo Sanitario del Equipo Para Alimentar Terneros

View the six steps for proper calf feeding equipment sanitation. This poster is bilingual with English and Spanish explanations for each step.

Alltech On-Farm Support

Animal Care

Calf Medical Procedures

All Dehorning Should Include Pain Control Article

In this article, Theresa Ollivett, D.V.M. explains how we minimize pain when dehorning young calves on the farm.

Hoard's Dairyman

Castration Guidelines

These two-page guidelines from AABP assists veterinarians with enhancing the welfare of their client’s cattle by providing guidance related to castration of calves on beef and dairy operations.

American Association of Bovine Practitioners (AABP)

Let’s Leave Painful Dehorning in the Past Article

Mark Hardesty, D.V.M. discusses changing mindsets and controlling pain during calf disbudding.

Hoard's Dairyman

Using Pain Mitigation When Disbudding Article

Disbudding without pain control is painful. All methods work by removing or damaging horn-producing tissue, and all methods have been shown to cause pain when done without appropriate pain control.

Progressive Dairy

Animal Care

Calf Nutrition

Calf Nutrition Webinar

Vídeo Sobre la Alimentación de Becerros

This 40-minute video will review the basic biology and nutrition of the young calf. Then tie that information with practical consideration for feeding and managing young calves.

Cornell Pro-Dairy Program

Animal Care


Stages of Parturition Poster

Afiche Sobre Etapas del Parto

What are the stages of parturition? Use this support guide to help determine when and how to assist in calvings.

Alltech On-Farm Support

Animal Care


CowSignals - Advisor Program

In this course, combine practical cow-based knowledge with 1-to-1 advisor skills. It is an interactive course, sharing ideas and getting personal feedback.

CowSignals Training Company

CowSignals - Course

The CowSignals® concept is based on proven results. In this training you learn about the CowSignals® Diamond: feed, water, light, air, rest and space resulting in animal health. You will get four and a half hours of valuable content.

CowSignals Training Company

CowSignals - DrytoFresh Course

DrytoFresh course is for advisors and farmers that want to make dry cow management a priority. In two and a half hours of valuable content, you will be put in the position of the cow: what does she need for a good start to lactation?

CowSignals Training Company

CowSignals - Free Course Introduction

This introduction experience to CowSignals® is free of charge and contains four training videos. You can watch these videos as often as you like for 10 days.

CowSignals Training Company

CowSignals - HoofSignals Course

Cows’ hooves are the weakest link in their health and welfare. Learn how to focus on prevention, so your time won’t be consumed by the treatment of lame cows in this course with five hours of valuable content.

CowSignals Training Company

CowSignals - Señales de la vaca Spanish Course

Señales de la Vaca

This video course is about sharing the secrets of dairy farming. You will learn all about the basics of CowSignals®. What do cows tell you? This course consists of three parts: 1. The CowSignals® method. 2. Theory: around the diamond. 3. Practice: The farm workshop.

CowSignals Training Company

CowSignals - Stressfree Stockmanship Course

This course will teach how to look and think from the cow’s point of view in three and a half hours of valuable content. How does she experience things? What makes her insecure? What are risk areas, where you need to be extra careful?

CowSignals Training Company

CowSignals - YoungstockSignals Course

Warning: this online training will open your eyes to how you run your farm. This course has four hours full of sensible tips on how to improve the rearing of calves and yearlings.

CowSignals Training Company

Animal Care

Dairy Stockmanship

Animal Handling Poster

Manejo de Animales

Be aware of your surroundings. Display this poster as a reminder of how to handle cattle safely.

New York Center for Agricultural Medicine and Health (NYCAMH)

Dairy Animal Handling Training Guides 5-Part Video Series and Quizzes

UMASH has developed training guides and quizzes to accompany the 5-part video series on dairy stockmanship. The guides can be a tool for training and retraining workers. The materials can be used in small groups or individually.

Upper Midwest Agriculture Safety and Health Center (UMASH)

Dairy Stockmanship - K'iche'

View this video in K'iche' to learn more about dairy stockmanship.

Beef Quality Assurance (BQA)

Dairy Stockmanship Video Series - How Do Cows Perceive Their World

Serie en Video de Crianza del Ganado Lechero: Cómo las Vacas Perciben el Mundo

While cattle use all senses to perceive the world, their sensory perception is much different than humans. Considering the way dairy cattle see, smell, hear and taste can help farmers successfully and effectively move cattle after watching this video.

FARM Program

Dairy Stockmanship Video Series - Natural Behavior in Cattle

Serie en Video de Crianza del Ganado Lechero: Comportamiento Natural del Ganado

Cattle naturally demonstrate herding or packing behavior. Cattle herds have an established pecking order and like to follow in a line with a dominant leader. Learn more about cattle behaviors crucial for sound dairy stockmanship.

FARM Program

Dairy Stockmanship Video Series - Quiz Key

Serie en Video de Crianza del Ganado Lechero: Respuestas del Cuestionario

Check your results on the 16-question dairy stockmanship quiz. Find the quiz without answers and watch stockmanship videos in this resource library to learn more about dairy cattle behavior and handling.

FARM Program

Dairy Stockmanship Video Series - Quiz Questions

Serie en Video de Crianza del Ganado Lechero: Preguntas del Cuestionario

Take this 16-question quiz to test your knowledge on dairy stockmanship. Find the answers and watch stockmanship videos in this resource library to learn more about dairy cattle behavior and handling.

FARM Program

Dairy Stockmanship Video Series - Understanding the Flight Zone

Serie en Video de Crianza del Ganado Lechero: Explicación de la Zona de Fuga

The flight zone is the animal’s safety zone, and its size varies depending on the animal’s degree of tameness. Watch this video to understand the flight zone and how handlers can successfully position their bodies to safely and productively move cattle.

Beef Quality Assurance (BQA)

Dairy Stockmanship Video Series - Understanding the Point of Balance in Dairy Cattle

Serie en Video de Crianza del Ganado Lechero: Explicación del Punto de Balance del Ganado Lechero

Watch this video to learn about how the handler’s location in relation to the dairy cow's point of balance determines whether the animal moves forward or backwards.

Beef Quality Assurance (BQA)

Dairy Stockmanship Video Series - Using Pressure and Release When Moving Dairy Cattle

Serie en Video de Crianza del Ganado Lechero: Uso de Presión y Liberación al Trasladar Ganado Lácteo

Moving closer to the cow’s flight zone can cause cattle to speed up. Moving farther will encourage cattle to relax and slow down. Watch this video to understand how using pressure points can help when moving cattle in stressful situations.

Beef Quality Assurance (BQA)

Dairy Stockmanship Video Series - Using the Senses in Handling Cattle

Serie en Video de Crianza del Ganado Lechero: Uso de los Sentidos en el Manejo del Ganado

It is important to always move softly and calmly around cattle. Watch this video to learn where to position your body around the cattle to keep both animal and handler safe.

Beef Quality Assurance (BQA)

Dairy Stockmanship | 5-Part Video Series

Ganado Lechero | Serie en Video en Cinco Partes

This educational series features videos, posters and fact sheets to train on: "Using Predictable Animal Behavior to Increase Milk Production" "How a Cow Uses Her Senses" "Working with Pressure Zone" "Moving Cows More Effectively" "Making the Milking Parlor a Happy Place"

Upper Midwest Agriculture Safety and Health Center (UMASH)

The Impacts of Stress on Dairy Cattle Health and Performance Webinar

Learn more on how stress is a major component of the environmental effects on milk yield and always increases the basal maintenance cost of dairy animals, resulting in decreased energy available for production.

Phibro Animal Health

Animal Care


Dairy Euthanasia: Making Timely Decisions Training Tool

Herramienta de Capacitación “Eutanasia en Ganado Lechero: Cómo Tomar Decisiones Oportunas”

This training tool module will improve your understanding of timely euthanasia. Complete the training and case study examples for information on euthanizing compromised cattle in a timely manner with humane methods.

North Carolina State University, College of Veterinary Medicine

Euthanasia Decision Tree Poster - Dairy Calf

Árboles de Decisión de Eutanasia de Terneros

Display this decision tree to identify key indicators that help determine if calves are showing signs to treat and reevaluate or if euthanasia should be considered immediately.

FARM Program

Euthanasia Methods and Risks - What Every Producer Needs to Know Article

Timely euthanasia is a big challenge for farmers and veterinarians. Learn more about the methods and risks.

Progressive Dairy

Humane Euthanasia of Cattle Guidelines

The 10-page guide from AABP is intended to aid animal caretakers and owners, live market operators, animal transporters and veterinarians in choosing effective euthanasia methods.

American Association of Bovine Practitioners (AABP)

Proper Euthanasia Practices Article

Use this two-page guide to review proper euthanasia practices on your dairy.

Cornell University Cooperative Extension

When and How to Euthanize Calves Article

Every good calf manager strives to achieve optimal calf health and growth. Read more in this article to learn when and how to euthanize calves.

Progressive Dairy

Animal Care

Evaluation Preparation

Completing a FARM Animal Care Evaluation with PC Dart Guide

Use this eight-step guide to execute a FARM Animal Care Evaluation if your farm uses PC Dart.

Dairy Records Management Systems (DRMS)

Animal Care

Facility Management

Best Management Practices for Automatic Alley Scraper Systems

Dairy alley scraper systems are in close contact with the animals and can use a cable, chain or rope in a freestall alley. Use this two-page best management practices for automatic manure systems.

GEA Farm Technologies

Cable Alley Scrapers and Cross Gutter Cleaner Guide

Quality milk production begins long before the cows enter the milking parlor. It starts with facility management and clean alleys. Get the latest on cable automatic scraper systems by GEA with this 16-page resource.

GEA Farm Technologies

Animal Care

Fitness to Transport

Considerations when Transporting Dairy Animals

Cuestiones a Considerar en el Transporte de Animales Lecheros

Evaluating the dos and don'ts of transporting dairy animals and making decisions in a timely, efficient manner is important always to consider the animals' well-being first. Display this poster to serve as a reminder of what to check for before transporting.

FARM Program

Determining if an Animal is Fit to Transport Article

How do you determine if an animal is fit to transport? Use this one-page outline to determine animal health and transport protocols.

Cornell University Cooperative Extension

End of Life Decision-Making - Fitness to Transport Video

Watch this partner spotlight video developed by Elanco Animal Health to support all dairy animal caretakers and owners in the fitness to transport process for details on end-of-life decision making for cattle on your dairy.


Transportation and Fitness-To-Travel Recommendations for Cattle Guide

Farm personnel should be trained on assessing health and welfare of cattle. Use this seven-page AABP guide on fitness to travel for cattle.

American Association of Bovine Practitioners (AABP)

Animal Care

Foot & Mouth Disease

Foot and Mouth Disase (FMD) Progression of Lesions in Cattle Sign

Fiebre Aftosa en el Ganado Vacuno Progresión de las Lesiones

Use this sign to help identify clinical signs caused by foot and mouth disease, progression of lesions based on the amount of days post-infection and what to if you suspect a foreign animal disease.

American Association of Bovine Practitioners (AABP)

Foot and Mouth Disase (FMD) See Something, Say Something Sign

Letrero de “Si ve algo, diga algo” para fiebre aftosa (FMD)

Foot and Mouth Disease can look like many things. Display this sign to help identify visual signs of FMD and if you see something, say something.

Secure Milk Supply

Animal Care

Fresh Cows

5 Keys to Healthy, Productive Fresh Cows Article

Learn more about fresh cows' great production potential and how to set them up for success.

Progressive Dairy

Spring Dairy Series - Understanding Inflammation & Immunity to Improve Transition Management Webinar

Knowledge on the benefits and risks of various forms of inflammation are essential in understanding how to manage dairy cows in all stages of production. Watch this webinar to learn more.

Phibro Animal Health

Animal Care

Heat Stress

Impacts of Heat Stress Throughout the Lactation Cycle Webinar

Heat stress has dramatic negative impacts on dairy cow's productivity. This webinar reviews the degree that milk yield is reduced with heat stress in lactation and the physiological reasons for those effects.

Phibro Animal Health

Recognizing Heat Stress in Dairy Cows Sign

Afiche de Reconocimiento del Estrés por Calor en Vacas Lecheras

The key to manage heat stress is to understand when heat stress begins. Use this full-page diagram to address and understand heat stress in dairy cattle.

University of Florida Extension

Temperature and Humidity Index Chart

Tabla de Índice de Temperatura y Humedad

Use this temperature and humidity index calculations table to identify heat stress and severity. This one pager also includes heat stress factors and management tips to combat heat stress.

Alltech On-Farm Support

Animal Care

Herd Health

Help Teach Workers to Evaluate Herd Health Article

Learn from a veterinarian in this article on how to teach your employees to help evaluate herd health and make treatment decisions.

Progressive Dairy

Lameness in Dairy Cows Webinar

Cojera en Vacas Lecheras

Learn the basics of detecting lame cows to promote better animal welfare and profitability in this 23-minute Spanish webinar.

Cornell Pro-Dairy Program

Animal Care

Hoof Health

Footbath Protocols for Success and Simplicity Article

Without a simple, well-defined footbath protocol, the only consistent result will be poor footbath management and poor hoof health. Use these management tools to establish on-farm protocols.

Progressive Dairy

Animal Care


Milk Quality Dairy Management Webinars | Part 1/2 | Culturing and Types of Mastitis

Seminarios Web Sobre el Manejo de Vacas Lecheras: Calidad de la Leche | Parte 1/2 | Cultivos de Bacterias y Tipos de Mastitis

This 43-minute Spanish webinar will focus on how you identify different bacteria focusing on the major differences between environmental and contagious causes of mastitis.

Cornell Pro-Dairy Program

Milk Quality Dairy Management Webinars | Part 2/2 | Treatment Decisions Based on Mastitis Type

Seminarios Web Sobre el Manejo de Vacas Lecheras: Calidad de la Leche | Parte 2/2 | Tratamiento Basado en el Tipo de Mastitis

This 30-minute Spanish webinar will focus on the differences in treatment and management practices based on mastitis type (environmental vs. contagious).

Cornell Pro-Dairy Program

Animal Care


Maternity Management Practices in Dairy Farms Video Series

Prácticas de Manejo en el Área de Maternidad

These six videos in this series discuss the basics of dairy cattle calving management practices in maternity operations.

Penn State Extension

Animal Care

Milking Parlor

Best Practices in the Milking Parlor Sign

Buenas Prácticas en la Sala de Ordeña

Looking for a high-level step-by-step milking prep routine? Post this seven-step parlor protocol sign with photos on your dairy as best practices to improve milk quality and consistency.

Alltech On-Farm Support

Milker Training and Education Courses and Quizzes Program to Improve Practices that Affect Milk Quality

This bilingual program is designed to help dairy farm employees understand how’s and why’s of handling and milking cows. English and Spanish videos include demonstrations of on-farm practices to emphasize key milking and management techniques. Topics include mastitis, udder health, evaluating milk quality, milking procedure and hygiene, animal handling, care and wellbeing and cleanliness outside the parlor. After completing each training module of short videos and resources, participants will complete a quiz to receive a certificate of completion.

Iowa State University Extension

Proper Milking Routine Demonstration Video

Video de Demostración de Rutina de Ordeño Apropiada

This six-minute video, lead by Alltech's Jorge Delgado, details the milking routine in Spanish with English subtitles for on-farm training and continued education for dairy farm employees.

Alltech On-Farm Support

Animal Care

Newborn Calves

Colostrum Management Video

Manejo Del Calostro

Alltech's Jorge Delgado walks through the 4 key factors that contribute to the goal of successful transfer of immunity or antibodies to the calf in this Spanish video with English subtitles.

Alltech On-Farm Support

Core Principals of Pre-Weaned Calf Care - Colostrum and Calories Article

This two-page article discusses in detail colostrum management and calorie considerations when it comes to newborn calf care.

Cornell University Cooperative Extension

Harvest and Storage of Colostrum Video

Learn how to properly harvest and store colostrum to avoid bacteria growth and cross-contamination.

Iowa State University Extension

Heat and Cold Stress in Newborn Calves Video

Learn about a calf's thermoneutral zone and their requirements when experiencing heat or cold stress.

Iowa State University Extension

Newborn Calf Care - Using the Esophageal Tube Feeder Video

Cuidado de Terneros Recién Nacidos: Video Sobre Uso del Alimentador Esofágico

Learn what to check before using an esophageal tube feeder, how to introduce it to the calf and the importance of properly cleaning the tube after feeding.

University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Newborn Calf Handling Video

Video Sobre Manejo de Terneros Recién Nacidos

Dairy farmers and farm employees will learn the importance of low-stress calf handling and how it benefits newborn calves.

University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Newborn Calf Processing Video

Video de Procesamiento de Terneros Recién Nacidos

Processing newborn calves is an important responsibility. This video walks through three common management practices that will set calves up for a healthy, productive life.

University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Point of Balance in Newborn Calves Video

Learn about a newborn calf's point of balance and flight zone to ensure calves experience low stress during handling.

Iowa State University Extension

Recommended Colostrum Feeding Techniques Video

Learn about colostrum feeding programs, the appropriate colostrum temperature and how to feed calves in a stress-free manner.

Iowa State University Extension

Animal Care

Non-Ambulatory Animals

Best On-Farm Fix - Modified Bucket for Moving Down Cows Article

Reference this article to learn more about a modified skid steer bucket to safely move down cows.

Progressive Dairy

Get It Right - Treat, Cull or Euthanize Article

Reference this article to help you make the right choice when making culling decisions on your operation.

Progressive Dairy

Proper Care for Non-Ambulatory Cows Poster

Cuidado Apropiado Para Vacas No Ambulatorias Póster

Display this poster to help identify a proper down cow protocol, how to prevent, plan and care for non-ambulatory cows and common causes, including milk fever, toxic mastitis, toxic metritis, musculoskeletal damage and massive infection.

FARM Program

Proper Management of Non-Ambulatory Animals Article

Reference this two-page article to help create your dairy farm's non-ambulatory protocol to ensure you answer the correct questions and establish appropriate protocols.

Cornell University Cooperative Extension

Ship Them or Not? Key Decision Points for Non-Ambulatory Cattle Article

Reference this article to decide if or when an animal should be culled or treated.

Progressive Dairy

Taking Care of the Ups And Downs Article

It’s a difficult task, but someone on your farm must be responsible for down cow care. Reference this one -page article to learn more about several aspects of down cow care.

Hoard's Dairyman

The Who, When, What and How for Handling a Down Cow Article

Down cows are one of the unfortunate realities of dairy production. Reference this article to learn more about down cow care.

Progressive Dairy

Animal Care

Record Keeping

The “Good Health Records” Program

Accurate and consistent health records, efficiently summarized, are used to evaluate and inform management decisions on all dairies. Learn what “good health records” are, why dairies should have them and how easy they are to achieve with this online hub of resources.

Washington State University

Animal Care

See It? Stop It!

See It? Stop It! Poster

¿Lo Ve? ¡Deténgalo!

Demonstrate your commitment to animal care. Display this poster for anyone who works around animals to provide guidance on how to report animal abuse, neglect, harm or mishandling. Responsible animal care starts with you!

FARM Program

See it? Stop it! Flyer

¿Lo Ve? ¡Deténgalo!

Demonstrate your commitment to animal care. Display this sign for anyone who works around animals to provide guidance on how to report animal abuse, neglect, harm or mishandling. Responsible animal care starts with you!

FARM Program

Animal Care

Training & Continuing Education

Handling Calves Webinar

Vídeo Sobre el Trabajando con Becerras

This 26-minute Spanish webinar discusses the challenges of working with calves. Watch to hear the best way to move and interact with calves for the benefit of both calves and people.

Cornell Pro-Dairy Program

Stockmanship Training with Curt Pate - It’s All about Pressure Article

Review this three-page article to learn more about cattle handling and how different situations call for different kinds of pressure.

Cornell University Cooperative Extension

Using Tools to Move Animals Video

Usando Herramientas para Mover Animales

Tools such as flags, paddles and sticks with ribbons attached are often successful aids in moving reluctant cattle. However, it is crucial to understand what techniques outline responsible and irresponsible use. Reference this video to learn more about utilizing tools when moving animals.

FARM Program

Animal Care


Update and Review Your Vaccination Protocols Article

There are many factors that affect vaccination programs and there is no “one size fits all.” Learn how to design a best-fit program for your herd.

Progressive Dairy

Vaccination Protocols and Immune Status of Dairy Herds Article

The area of most confusion related to herd health management on dairies continues to be the vaccine program. Find out how to fine-tune your vaccination protocols.

Progressive Dairy

Animal Care

Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship

Establishing and Maintaining the Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship (VCPR) in Bovine Practice Guidelines

The VCPR is an integral part of veterinary oversight of animal health and proper drug use on cattle operations. State and federal codified VCPRs regulate the practice of veterinary medicine legislatively. This two-page guide describes non-regulatory management practices endorsed by the American Association of Bovine Practitioners (AABP) as general guidelines for its members to refer to during their course of practice.

American Association of Bovine Practitioners (AABP)

Establishing and Maintaining the Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship in Bovine Practice

This document describes non-regulatory management practices endorsed by the American Association of Bovine Practitioners (AABP) as general guidelines for its members to refer to during their course of practice.

American Association of Bovine Practitioners (AABP)

Antibiotic Stewardship

Best Management Practices

Antibiotic Resistance and Dairy Producers - New Laws and New Opportunities Video Series

Watch this video series to learn more about antibiotic resistance, antibiotic stewardship as well as state and federal laws on this topic.

Western Institute for Food Safety and Security (WIFSS)

Antibiotics and Vaccines - Cornell ProDairy Spanish Webinar

Antibióticos y Vacunas: Seminario Web de ProDairy de Cornell en Español

Injections are routinely used in dairy farms for several reasons. Leal Yepes, D.V.M., Ph.D. candidate, Cornell University shares how proper application of injections is important to ensure the success of treatments and reduce side effects.

Cornell Pro-Dairy Program

Key Elements For Implementing Antimicrobial Stewardship Plans in Bovine Veterinary Practices Working with Beef and Dairy Operations

These best practices are aimed at veterinarians who administer antimicrobials, who are responsible for oversight of drug use or treatment protocols or who make recommendations for use of antimicrobials. Use the outlined guidelines for best practices for designing, implementing and monitoring antimicrobial stewardship programs with beef and dairy clients.

American Association of Bovine Practitioners (AABP)

Antibiotic Stewardship

Food Armor

Food Armor

Food Armor strives to provide a solid educational foundation for every food animal veterinarian signing a VCPR for a farming operation and is working together with industry leaders to strengthen the meaning of the VCPR.

Food Armor

Antibiotic Stewardship

Treatment Records

Treatment Record - Daily For Multiple Animals

Use this fillable form to keep track of treatment records on a daily basis and review with your veterinarian. Available in a fillable PDF and spreadsheet.

FARM Program


Best Management Practices

Biosecurity Poster - Protect Your Dairy Cows

Common and foreign animal diseases harm animal health and are costly. Reference this one-page infographic on how cattle diseases are spread and how to keep diseases out through biosecurity.

Iowa State Center for Food Security and Public Health

Biosecurity Practices for Dairy Operations

Biosecurity measures prevent infectious diseases from affecting a herd. By implementing general management and vaccination practices, producers protect their herds from existing diseases in the United States and from possible foreign animal disease outbreaks. Farmers use this 8-page guide implement practices to protect their herds from disease.

Texas A&M Agrilife Extension

Biosecurity Resources for Dairy Producers - Secure Milk Supply

Implementing enhanced biosecurity plans will help prevent exposing cattle to Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) during an outbreak. Be prepared to share your biosecurity plan with your State Animal Health Official prior to an outbreak (if requested). Utilize these biosecurity resources, specific to dairy producers, to build and maintain your on-farm biosecurity.

Secure Milk Supply

Cattle Routes of Exposure and Disease Examples

Disease causing agents can expose animals and people through different routes. Preventing exposure helps prevent disease. Learn how diseases are spread to help prevent exposure.

FARM Program

Dairy Biosecurity and Your Bottom Line - CDQAP Ruminations Blog

California Dairy Research Foundation (CDQAP) provides an overview of biosecurity, what should be in a biosecurity plan and how biosecurity impacts your farm in terms of economics

California Dairy Research Foundation

Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) Overview Handout

Secure Milk Supply provides an overview for Foot and Mouth Disease, also referred to as Hoof and Mouth Disease. Read to learn where FMD is, how it will impact farms if it enters the Unites States and what you can do to protect your herd.

Secure Milk Supply

Foreign Animal Disease Biosecurity Tips for Dairy Producers

Animal diseases, both foreign and domestic, can devastate livestock industries. While this two-page resource was written for California dairies, the tips are applicable to dairies across the nation to prevent foreign animal disease introduction and spread.

California Department of Food and Agriculture

International Travel Biosecurity Tips - Best Practices for Dairy Producers

Diseases in livestock and wildlife vary geographically. When traveling, people can unknowingly transmit a disease to susceptible animals, and vice versa. If a foreign animal disease (FAD), such as Foot and Mouth Disease, is accidentally introduced into the United States, the effects on livestock health and the economy could be catastrophic. Check out the biosecurity tips for traveling internationally or having international visitors.

California Department of Food and Agriculture

People, Vehicles and Equipment Videos and Tips

If it can move, it can carry diseases, pests and weeds. For this reason, people, vehicles and equipment pose a high biosecurity risk and should be managed accordingly. This resource describes steps that can be taken to protect against the spread of disease for people, vehicles and equipment.

Animal Health Australia



Biosecurity Sign - Biosecure Entry Ahead

Letrero de Bioprotección: Entrada Biosegura Más Adelante

Display this full-page sign for visitors to comply with your dairy farm's biosecurity practices.

FARM Program

Biosecurity Sign - Clean Boots & Clothing Required

Letrero de Bioprotección: Se Requiere el Uso de Ropa y Botas Limpias

Display this full-page sign on your dairy farm to notify staff and visitors of a biosecure entry point.

FARM Program

Biosecurity Sign - Cross Only at Biosecure Entry Point

Letrero de Bioprotección: Cruce Solamente en un Punto de Entrada Bioseguro

Display this full-page bilingual sign to alert visitors and staff to only cross at biosecure entry points on your dairy farm.

FARM Program

Biosecurity Sign - Milk Collection Occurring

Letrero de Bioprotección: Se Está Recolectando la Leche

Display this full-page sign on your dairy farm to indicate when milk transfer is occurring.

FARM Program

Biosecurity Sign - Milk House Cleaning & Disinfection

Letrero de Bioprotección: Limpieza y Desinfección de Cámara de Leche

Display this full-page sign on your dairy farm to indicate when milk house cleaning and disinfection is complete.

FARM Program

Biosecurity Sign - Wear Personal Protective Equipment

Letrero de Bioprotección: Use Equipo de Protección Personal

Display this full-page sign on your dairy farm to encourage use of personal protective equipment (PPE) in the milk house.

FARM Program



Animal Movement Log

Tracking animal movement information will be important during a disease outbreak. Use this log to record inbound and outbound animal details.

FARM Program

Dairy Operations Inputs/Outputs Worksheet Contingency Plans For Movements

Items moving on and off the dairy are essential for business. They can also spread disease unless biosecurity steps are in place. This worksheet can help you create your labeled premises map in your enhanced biosecurity plan.

FARM Program

People Entry Log

Tracking people movement information will be important during a disease outbreak. Use this log to record inbound and outbound people details.

FARM Program

Vehicle/Equipment Entry and Delivery Log

In foreign animal disease outbreaks, all vehicles, equipment or deliveries that cross the Line of Separation at the premises must clean and disinfect prior to entry. Tracking movements in this log is important during disease outbreaks.

FARM Program


Training & Continuing Education

Group Training Record

Training dairy workers is important for the benefit of themselves, the animals and the dairy farm. Record the trainees and training topics in this form for documentation of group sessions.

FARM Program

Environmental Stewardship

About the Program

Dairy Life-Cycle Assessment Research Paper

A scientific, peer-reviewed model based on IPCC Tier 2 methods and life cycle assessment (LCA) research used to develop the FARM ES model. This model estimates farm-level greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and energy intensity.

International Dairy Journal

Environmental Stewardship Peer-Reviewed Model Paper

This study presents an analysis of the cradle to farm gate greenhouse gas footprint of milk. Learn more about this parsimonious model for a farmer’s decision support tool.

International Dairy Journal

Workforce Development

Certification Courses & Workshops

Agriculture Supervisory Leadership Certificate

Supervisors are critical to the success of farm businesses. This certificate helps farm supervisors and managers learn and apply human resource management practices and leadership skills that foster rewarding workplaces and drive business results.

Cornell Agricultural Workforce Development

Dairy Farm Employee University

A training platform with the goal of providing education to all dairy employers and employees, leading to a better work environment and reducing employee turnover on farms.

Michigan State University – Dairy Extension

Safer Farm

Safer Farm is an online tool developed by the National Farm Medicine Center with the purpose of making agricultural health and safety knowledge accessible and easy to use.

National Farm Medicine Center

Workforce Development


Farm Safety Checklist

Complete this farm safety checklist as a self-administered audit of 14 different areas around your farm, including buildings, feed and manure storage, tractors/equipment, livestock facilities and more.

New York Center for Agricultural Medicine and Health (NYCAMH)

Safety Checklist for Dairy Farmers

Download this fillable form to help you keep track of common hazards and basic safety program requirements. Includes customizable sections to add specific safety aspects for your farm.

Washington State Department Labor & Industries

Workforce Development

Employee Handbook

Employee Handbook Guide for Small Businesses

An employee handbook is a reference document for employees to learn about key company policies. Download this employee handbook template to create a handbook for your dairy.

Fit Small Business

Workforce Development

Hiring & Recruiting

Dairy Farm Employee Attraction and Retention Guide

This resource includes five steps to successful employee recruiting and how you can implement them on your dairy farm.

Penn State Extension

Dairy Farm Job Descriptions: The Building Blocks of Organizations

Job descriptions help employees and supervisors reach a mutual understanding of the important details of a job. This article provides tips for writing job descriptions as well as sample dairy farm job descriptions for parlor manager and parlor operator.

Penn State Extension

Workforce Development

Human Resources Management

Agriculture Human Resources Management Articles

Access articles in both English and Spanish on the knowledge and skills you need to recruit, motivate and retain quality people and improve human resource management on your farm.

University of Wisconsin - Extension

Agriculture Workforce Development Program

This program offers farm human resource management content covering topics like farm employee onboarding, employee handbooks, job descriptions, housing and more.

Cornell Agricultural Workforce Development

Dairy Farm Employee Management and Training

Access a series of dairy farm specific articles, webinars and other resources on various human resources topics, including recruiting, interviewing, job descriptions and employee orientation.

Iowa State Extension Dairy Team

Dairy Farm Human Resources Webinars

Watch or share these educational webinars covering a variety of human resource topics for dairy farms.

Penn State Extension

Dairy Farm Job Description Examples

This guide details the process for developing dairy farm job descriptions and includes examples for dairy farm positions such as manager, milker and feeder.

University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Dairy Farm Labor Management Articles

Various articles and resources on topics related to dairy farm labor management.

Michigan State University – Dairy Extension

Farm Labor Guide

This guide outlines multiple factors affecting agricultural employers who establish and manage a workforce. It divides the employment process into six segments: recruitment; hiring; onboarding, training and mentoring; operations; retention; and termination.

University of Missouri Extension

Guide to Human Resources Management for Farm Business

This 139-page guide covers building an effective HR plan including how to evaluate your farm's current methods. Learn guidance on how to hire, train, motivate, communicate, resolve conflict and discuss performance with your dairy farm employees.

Manitoba Agriculture

Human Resources Sample Policies and Procedures

Find an abundance of human resources policy samples, checklists, procedures, forms and business tools to manage your workplace to create successful employees.


PRO-DAIRY Program Business Resources

A variety of information and templates available for dairy farms on business management, cow care, nutrition, facilities, dairy replacements and manure management and more.

Cornell Pro-Dairy Program

Workforce Development

Human Resources Training

AgSafe Business Services and Resources

AgSafe offers private trainings, audits, employer posting binders, headquarter compliance binders, tailgate training kits and more.

AgSafe Food & Farms

How Does the Welfare of People Affect the Welfare of Animals? Webinar

Too often, the caretaker is taken out of animal well-being discussions, but it's the most critical component. Watch this one-hour webinar by Robert Hagevoort, New Mexico State University, to learn more about employee and animal welfare.

Hoard's Dairyman

Human Resources Issues for Farm and Ranch Video Series

A three-part video series covering various farm and ranch human resource topics, including how to recruit and interview candidates, employee training and handling difficult issues.

Oklahoma State University Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources (DASNR)

¡Basta! Worksite Training & Continuing Toolkit

¡Basta! Materiales de Capacitación y Educación Continua para el Lugar de Trabajo

A comprehensive worksite resource that includes training videos, trainer's guide, model workplace policies and procedures, posters and other key resources in Spanish and English to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace.

University of Washington

Workforce Development

OSHA Dairy Dozen

OSHA LEP Guidance for New York Dairy Farms

Access a variety of resources and links related to dairy farm hazards as part of OSHA's Local Emphasis Program (LEP) in New York.

New York Center for Agricultural Medicine and Health (NYCAMH)

OSHA LEP Guidance for Wisconsin Dairy Farms

Access a variety of resources and links related to dairy farm hazards as part of OSHA's Local Emphasis Program (LEP) in Wisconsin.

University of Wisconsin - Extension

OSHA LEP Training Binder

This training document includes information and resources related to OSHA's Dairy Dozen. The binder also contains self-assessment questions and links to additional resources.

New York Center for Agricultural Medicine and Health (NYCAMH)

Workforce Development

Safety Management

Dairy Farm Safety and Health Resources

Recursos de Medidas de Seguridad y Salud de la Lechería

Access articles and videos on topics such as dairy farm safety, employee management and herd management. Includes Spanish resources.

University of Wisconsin - Extension

Farm Safety Check

Revisión de Seguridad en la Granja

Identify and fix potential hazards before they cause harm to your family and employees. Each month, Farm Safety Check focuses on a different topic, offering bilingual checklists and tips, along with resources to remedy any problems.

Upper Midwest Agriculture Safety and Health Center (UMASH)

Workforce Development

Safety Tailgate Talks

Tailgate Safety Trainings for Agriculture

Cursos de Capacitación de Seguimiento Sobre Seguridad para Agricultura

Conducting regular safety meetings is a key component of any organized workplace safety program. Get ideas and resources to conduct your own on-farm tailgate training. Content is bilingual.

Ohio State University

Tailgate Talks Kit for Dairy Farms

Charlas de Seguimiento para Granjas de Ganado Lechero

Tailgate Talks' are manager-led safety discussions for dairy farm workers. Access free digital downloads of manager scripts and sign-in sheets. Each discussion is intended to last 5-10 minutes and focuses on topics included in OSHA's "dairy dozen." Content is bilingual.

Idaho Dairymen's Association

Workforce Development

Safety Training

Best Practices to Stay Healthy On-Farm Video

Video “Recomendaciones para Mantenerse Saludable en la Granja”

Watch this short 10-minute video to implement safe practices on dairy farms to keep ourselves and those around us healthy. Video available in both English and Spanish.

Colorado State University

Considering Human and Animal Safety – Dairy Safety Training

The video series was produced under the direction of dairy extension specialist Robert Hagevoort, Ph.D. to educate dairy farm workers on practices that will keep both the workers and the cows safe and healthy.

U.S. Agricultural Safety and Health Centers

Dairy Farm Safety Training Program and Guide

This Dairy Safety Training Program can strengthen your health and safety program by helping you teach employees about hazards to reduce the chance of injury. The guide contains step-by-step instructions for conducting training sessions as well as a few Spanish resources.

National Ag Safety Database (NASD)

Dairy Safety Training Video Series

Serie en Video de Entrenamiento de Seguridad en el Sector Lácteo

Access this safety training video series available in both English and Spanish from the National Ag Safety Database, a web-based central repository of health, safety and injury prevention materials for the agricultural community.

National Ag Safety Database (NASD)

Dairy Worker Safety Training

Capacitación Sobre Seguridad para Trabajadores del Sector de Lácteos

Bilingual curriculum in English & Spanish that includes worker training and promotores de salud (or Community Health Workers) to reduce worksite hazards and improve worker knowledge and practices. Download training resources, posters and comics.

Upper Midwest Agriculture Safety and Health Center (UMASH)

Dairy Worker Safety Training Guides and Courses

Guías y Cursos de Capacitación Sobre Seguridad para Trabajadores del Sector de Lácteos

Bilingual dairy farm safety portal with dairy training guides, training courses and U.S. Agricultural Safety and Health Center educational videos.

The University of Texas at Tyler Health Science Center

Dairy Worker Safety Training Videos

Watch this series of videos from the University of Wisconsin - Extension on dairy worker safety on farms.

University of Wisconsin - Extension

Farm Safety Education Posters

Afiches de Educación Sobre Seguridad en la Granja

Download a wide variety of multilingual materials for farm safety training sessions held on-farm or in the field. Posters and flyers are designed for easy readability and are offered in English, Spanish and select materials in Haitian Creole.

New York Center for Agricultural Medicine and Health (NYCAMH)

Farm Safety Training Materials

Safety training for farm owners and workers. Topics included animal handling, hazardous chemicals, farm equipment and identification of dairy farm hazards. Training materials include PowerPoint presentations, instructor manuals and participant manuals.

University of Wisconsin - River Falls

Farm Safety Video Series

Serie en Video Sobre Seguridad en la Granja

A series of bilingual 60-second farm safety videos, in English and Spanish, to help share safety reminders with employees. Topics include safety around animals, fall prevention, tractor and truck rollovers, youth on the farm and more.

Center for Dairy Excellence

Hearing Loss Prevention on the Farm

Educate your team on how hearing loss happens and what can be done to prevent it on the farm. Training tools include fact sheets, printable handouts, posters and a hearing loss simulator.

Great Plains Center for Agricultural Health

Needle Safety Poster

Seguridad con Agujas

Working with needles can be dangerous. Display this poster as a constant reminder to maintain needle safety.

New York Center for Agricultural Medicine and Health (NYCAMH)

Silage Safety Resources

Recursos de Seguridad para Ensilaje

Educational podcasts, videos and DVDs in English and Spanish on starting an on-farm silage safety program. Free silage safety coloring books are available to teach children, family and employees the basics of safe silage.

Connor Agriscience

Workforce Development

Training & Continuing Education

Alltech FARM Employee Management Series

Alltech and FARM teamed up to create this 3-part video series featuring Alltech's Jorge Delgado outlining practical steps to build your on-farm culture and connect with your team.


Cattle Care Software

Cattle Care software monitors video footage of your dairy farm for you and detects protocol errors. The dairy farm manager receives a daily report with short videos of discovered incidents.

Cattle Care Software

Cultivate Educational Platform

Plataforma Educativa Cultivate

Cultivate is an on-demand bilingual educational platform that allows producers to train, test and track their educational progress focused on animal welfare, worker health and safety and equipment safety.


Dairy AdvanCE® Platform

Dairy AdvanCE® is an industry continuing education (CE) platform. Much like doctors and lawyers, dairy farmers and agribusiness now have a CE management tool to prove their value and demonstrate continuous improvement.

Dairy AdvanCE

This resource provides specific online trainings in multiple languages from industry experts and instructors.

Harvust Human Resource Software

Harvust farm HR software makes hiring, training and communicating with farm employees simple, fast and organized.


Train Trac

Train Trac makes training accessible to all your employees, contains high-quality dairy training, allows you to upload your own training and tracks the progress of each individual employee.

train trac

Western Center for Agriculture Health and Safety Training and Outreach

A variety of training and workshop programs ranging in topics from heat and illness prevention to sexual harassment prevention, equipment safety and more.

Western Center for Agricultural Health and Safety

Workforce Development

Youth Safety

Cultivate Safety Website

The National Farm Medicine Center and National Children’s Center for Rural and Agricultural Health and Safety designed the Cultivate Safety website to provide access to agricultural safety information, tools, data and resources for farmers, ranchers and media.

National Children’s Center for Rural and Agricultural Health and Safety

National Children's Center for Rural and Agricultural Health and Safety

This website describes research, interventions and resources that have been developed and tested to prevent childhood agricultural injuries.

National Children’s Center for Rural and Agricultural Health and Safety

Resources for Protecting Young Agricultural Workers

Recursos para proteger a trabajadores agrícolas jóvenes

Bilingual evidence-based training to protect the safety and health of adolescent and young adult workers at higher risk of injury. Topics include supervising, training and communicating more effectively with young workers.

Healthier Workforce Center of the Midwest – University of Iowa

Youth Farm Safety Project

The Youth Farm Safety Project is a resource for children, teens and the adults who work with and care for them. Check out events, download activities and educator resources, and review the resource links.

University of Vermont